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A class for Teens and tweens to experience effortless meditation and deep rest

Date and time

Wed May 29 2024

<div>A class for Teens and tweens to experience effortless meditation and deep rest</div><div style="margin-top: 20px"><div style="margin: 20px 10px;font-size: 15px;line-height: 22px;font-weight: 400;text-align: left;"><h1>A class for teens and tweens to experience effortless meditation and get deep rest. </h1><h3>This class is a perfect way to introduce your teen or tween to meditation &amp; help them integrate it in their life.</h3><h3>In this meditation class, they will experience:</h3><p>- An easy <strong>breathing technique</strong> to calm the mind and stop the constant running of thoughts</p><p>- An <strong>effortless and powerful guided meditation</strong> that will provide clarity of mind, focus and deep rest.</p><p>No prior experience necessary to attend.</p><p>This is an online class. Please book to receive a zoom link to join. </p><p>____________________</p><h3>Hi, I’m Dr. Somya</h3><p>I am a physician and a meditation teacher.</p><h3>I combine the scientific understanding of the human mind &amp; body with the ancient principles of breath work &amp; meditation, to provide you with an experience that is nurturing for your mind, body and the spirit.</h3><p>My pithy classes include ancient techniques that have stood the test of time &amp; bring instant results effortlessly. You will experience varied techniques in specific classes, all chosen for their known effect on the body-mind complex, as discovered by the ancient masters, as well as what science has confirmed about their impact on our physiology.</p><p>If you are looking for an authentic experience of meditation for your teen, that is rooted in ancient knowledge &amp; modern science, this class is for you.</p><p>____________________</p><h3>What people are saying</h3><p> “Thank you so much! My daughter really enjoys meditating and needs that calmness in our busy world. I was able to meditate today with her too, and I feel very relaxed for the night.” Brenda, Mom, Texas</p><p>“Thank you for your service. My boys really enjoy your class”- Tom, father of two boys, Canada</p><p> "I appreciate your help &amp; guidance given through your classes to my son”- Subbu, Father, Delaware</p><p>____________________</p><h3>Research has shown that meditation betters the overall quality of life, &amp; reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.</h3><p>Meditation has been shown to:</p><ul><li>Increase positive emotions of love, joy, gratitude and hope.</li><li>Calm the nervous system &amp; activate the rest and digest system</li><li>Reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression</li><li>Increase alertness, focus, and attention span</li><li>Find novel approaches to problems and find creative solutions.</li><li>Help falling asleep and staying asleep longer.</li><li>Overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation &amp; help build social connections</li></ul><p>The recent months haven't been easy on us. But especially for children. The disruption in their life is compounded by the fact that their coping skills are still developing, and they may not access to self care methods like adults.</p><p>Meditation is an accessible and effective way for teens and tweens to boost their mental health.</p><p>____________________</p><h3>Introduce your teen to positive ways to boost mental health. Help them take care of themselves. Book now.</h3><p></p></div></div>


Online Event

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