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Join our monthly Men of Colour Healing Circle!

Date and time

Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 4:00:00 AM UTC

Join our monthly Men of Colour Healing Circle!

Our monthly Men of Colour Healing Circle are intended as safe and accessible spaces for men of colour to regularly gather in solidarity and healing. The space will be a chance for us to reconnect to our innate creative potential as a form of healing within a community, following practices deeply rooted in various traditions. In these opening few sessions, we will be getting to know one another, exploring how we connect to our creativity, and sharing/pooling the ways we care for our own wellbeing and each other. We will try some creative writing practices and there will be space to offer and share.

The intentions for this space are on how we can break down patterns of harm in our communities, including gender hierarchies and gender based violence, by exploring and sharing the different forms of trauma and oppression that men of colour experience. This space encourages us to connect to our emotions, to each other and to our bodies - becoming more self-aware of our thoughts and actions as a way to prompt self-healing.

These circles are open to cis and trans men/trans masculine people of colour. The group will be capped at 10 participants, and sign up is first come, first serve. To ensure the safety of the space we will close entry to the Zoom link 10 minutes past the start of the event.

ACCESSIBILITY: Currently all our events are online with closed captioning available. If there are any access needs you'd like us to consider, please email


Upcoming sessions are led by Sai Murray in collaboration with a series of guest facilitators. Sai is a writer, poet, spoken word and graphic artist of Bajan/Afrikan/English heritage. His work addresses issues of self, societal and ecological repair and seeks to highlight the often concealed yet myriad interwoven relationships in our fast paced consumer world. Sai is a founding artistic director of Voices that Shake! and is currently co-editor of Shake!'s 10 year anthology to be launched this autumn. He is founder of Liquorice Fish art/activist promotions; resident poet at Numbi Arts; a trustee of The Racial Justice Network; and an organising member of PARCOE (the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe). His first poetry collection, 'Ad-liberation' and his novella, are published by Peepal Tree Press.


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