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During this session we will look at one of the most prolific issues facing the safety of our community and families.

Date and time

Wed May 29 2024

<div>During this session we will look at one of the most prolific issues facing the safety of our community and families.</div><div style="margin-top: 20px"><div style="margin: 20px 10px;font-size: 15px;line-height: 22px;font-weight: 400;text-align: left;"><p>Opioids &amp; the Fentanyl Crisis: Homicide or Addiction?
</p><p> From the U.S. Cartel to China to Mexico then back to the U.S and into our schools where kids are coming up unresponsive and many are dying. The debate continues between are our children being poisoned or is this crisis coming from a drug overdose? How can parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, neighbors, Community organizations and school personnel help? This is one of the prolific issues facing the safety of our community and families and few are knowledgeable about the facts. During this session we will look at case studies, law enforcement response, and challenges to schools and families in educating our kids about illicit drugs.
</p><p></p><p>TONYA HOLT
</p><p>Tonya is experienced and educated in Trauma Care trained from the Acadami organization. She is a credentialed Life Coach (IAPRC) and a Recovery Coach working with individuals battling addictions. She is a certified outreach leader for survivors of sexual exploitation and a certified “Covenant Eyes” porn addiction outreach and care counselor.
</p><p>Tonya recently received her master’s degree in counseling and has recently received her certification to “illuminate others on the abuse, victim, trauma aspects of pornography addiction and counsel couples and families heavily affected by this trained by Dr. Omar Minwalla. Tonya’s expertise is also based on extensive research of how pornography impacts domestic violence, sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation. Tonya is especially engaged in research of how online pornography and interactive online pornographic relationships accelerate the addiction process.
</p><p>Tonya recently founded a non-profit organization “Close the Gate-Seek Truth Not Illusions” focusing on the impact of pornography as the root cause of domestic violence/abuse, sex trafficking &amp; child predators. Tonya educates the public, civic groups, faith-based organizations, and law enforcement about the power of live and online pornography addiction with an emphasis on webcam sex and technology based interactive pornography. Tonya also educates parents, grandparents about how to keep kids safe from sexual predators.
</p><p>“Close the Gate” is preparing to bring Million Kids/Missing Kids program to Bakersfield, city-wide anti-pornography billboard campaign, and an online chat support for those heavily affected &amp; traumatized by another person’s pornography use who wish to remain anonymous. Oildale has a much higher than average caseload of missing and run-away minors as well as significant indications related to the possibility of widespread minor sex trafficking related to family poverty and addiction.
</p><p>Tonya and her husband co lead “Oildale Church without Walls” established in 2006. The community of Oildale is unique in that it is known as a community that has a much higher than national average population for poverty, fentanyl and street drug addiction, gang activity, sex trafficking, physical and sexual abuse, child sexual abuse and homeless population.
</p><p>Tonya and her husband continue the previous founders developed food ministry outreach program to help combat extreme poverty. Since taking over the operations she and her husband saw the dire need to expand and develop by building community partnerships to act as a hub for other non-profit organizations that provide various life necessity services to this population. This provides a venue for building encouraging relationships one by one providing physical, mental, emotional, &amp; spiritual support which often opens the door for counseling and facing traumatic situations that can aid in helping the individual get off the streets and become stabilized.
</p><p>Tonya is proud of her husband who share the pastoral work at Church Without Walls and she is the proud mother of her three young children and 2 adult children.


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