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We are a peer-led support group for sober + sobercurious women // women identifying // femme // nonbinary folx in the Bay Area and beyond.

Date and time

Thursday, February 4, 2021, 3:00:00 AM UTC

We are a peer-led support group for sober + sobercurious women // women identifying // femme // nonbinary folx in the Bay Area and beyond.

Sober from Bullshit Recovery Club (SFBS) was founded in October 2020 by a community of sober/sobercurious peers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The mission of SFBS is to create an inclusive, socially just space to practice sobriety in community. We are guided by the following values:

A Holistic Approach

We view sobriety as a holistic practice, and we honor each other’s unique paths to recovery with respect. Our success is not determined by a day-count, or any other externally given measurement, but by claiming agency over our individual process. In practice, this looks like: Making small shifts and adding in healthier coping strategies over time; expanding our capacity for healing the whole of who we are; avoiding the trap of black-and-white thinking; and approaching setbacks as lessons, not failures. At Recovery Club, we develop self-trust, and we regard ourselves with dignity.

Social Justice

We approach sobriety not as a life sentence, but as a path toward liberation. To that end, we recognize that our individual freedom is interdependent on the freedom of all members. This means we do not ignore the fact that racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ageism, ableism and more are all lived experiences that are known contributors to addiction. A “holistic approach to sobriety” demands that all of who we are is safe in the Recovery Club space.

A Rebellious Space

We assert that nobody knows better than we do what we need to recover. While we wholeheartedly welcome people from all walks of recovery (including but not limited to: Twelve-Steps, SMART Recovery, Tempest Recovery, Buddhist Recovery, and more), this space resists adhering to the rules of any specific tradition or authority. Recovery Club aims to be a shame-free-judgement-free space where curiosity, honesty, and integrity thrive; where we offer and receive support; and where we encourage one another to grow and deepen into our personal truth.


We include, value and appreciate all member experiences as sacred. Wherever you find yourself—whether you have a practice of long term recovery, or if you’re simply curious about, or “trying on” sobriety—you are welcome, exactly as you are. Our goal is not to “fix” one another. Instead, we show up to bear witness, and to allow ourselves to be seen; to practice active listening; and to be generous and expansive with our minds and hearts as we buoy each other through the hard parts and the triumphs. Community is the core of Recovery Club.


We come together to lift up our voices, our stories, and our authentic selves, and to celebrate each other through the revolutionary work of recovery. The journey of sobriety is a difficult one; we affirm that joy not only walks alongside the path but is indeed its ultimate aim. We laugh at the absurdity of our shared experience. Sometimes, we may even close out the night by drinking La Croix and shaking it out to Janet Jackson.


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