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Join our Survivor Peer Support Group for survivors of human trafficking

Date and time

Sat Jul 20 2024

<div>Join our Survivor Peer Support Group for survivors of human trafficking</div><div style="margin-top: 20px"><div style="margin: 20px 10px;font-size: 15px;line-height: 22px;font-weight: 400;text-align: left;"><p><strong>Survivor Peer Support Group</strong></p><p>Join us for an empowering and uplifting <strong>Survivor Peer Support Group</strong>! Whether you've overcome a personal struggle or are currently facing challenges, this virtual gathering is a safe space to connect and find support from fellow survivors of human trafficking.</p><p>Date: <strong>Thu Aug 10 2023</strong></p><p>Time: 7:00PM-8:00PM<strong> (EDT)</strong></p><p>During this event, we'll discuss various topics such as resilience, self-care, and growth. Our aim is to create a supportive community where you can find solace, gain valuable insights, and build lasting connections with others who have experienced similar journeys.</p><p>This event is open to all women. </p><p>Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with others who understand and can provide the support you need. Mark your calendar and join the <strong>Survivor Peer Support Group</strong> . Please contact Daniela Deas at for link information. </p><p>Together, we can navigate the path of healing and growth. </p></div></div>


Online Event

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