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Rethink what's possible for your life. Experts in spirituality, sustainability, sexual wellness, plant together to expand your life.

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Mon Jul 15 2024

<div>Rethink what's possible for your life. Experts in spirituality, sustainability, sexual wellness, plant together to expand your life.</div><div style="margin-top: 20px"><div style="margin: 20px 10px;font-size: 15px;line-height: 22px;font-weight: 400;text-align: left;"><p>Consider this as your life transformation starter pack. </p><p>In this free Self-Renewal Summit, you will learn how to unlearn toxic belief systems and burdens you’ve been carrying, discover who you truly are, and become that person in your everyday life. This summit is for anyone who is ready to answer the call of their own potential in a way that has lasting impact on their lives. Topics covered include: Plant medicine (cannabis, microdosing, ayahausca and psilocybin), human design, deconstructing late-stage capitalism in our lives and psyches, grief and trauma healing, tarot, handling intensity and giftedness through an IFS lens, rediscovering our own gender spectrum, understanding right livelihood and how to make a living while keeping your integrity, somatic healing, holistic sexuality and sex positivity, and embodying a place of surrender within ourselves. Each of these experts presents a new mechanism to support you through making deeply healing and transformative life changes. </p><p>Your life can be so much more balanced, healed, and full of joy. You just have to show up for yourself to initiate your transformation journey. We’ll do the rest.</p><p>Starting July 24th, this free, 4-day livestream event presents 16 speakers — from somatic healers, renegade economists, tarot and human design visionaries, microdosing and cannabis experts, sexual wellness and IFS therapists, grief/trauma and embodiment coaches, and sustainability pioneers ­– who will share their guidance to create space for you to reimagine what your life can look like. </p><p>Speakers include Luis Mojica (, Fanny Priest (@the.trauma.witch), Eli Lawliet (@thegenderdoula), Dr. Amanda Reiman (@dr.amandareiman), Ana Maria Badila (@microdosingguru), Dr. Juliana Hauser (@drjulianahauser), Kelsey Rose Tortorice (@kelseyrosetort), Wendy Kornburg (@sunnabis), Julie Ewald (@identityyoga_), Dr. Stephanie Najjar, Lex Ritchie (@thelexritchie), Adrienne Sloan (@adrienne_sloan), Della Duncan (@dellazduncan/@upstreampodcast), Dr. Crystal Dawn (@drcrystaldawn) and more.</p><p>These visionaries will share their expertise on the different ways to peel back the layers of conditioning we’ve all been exposed to (spoiler - if you’re alive in 2023 and reading this, you’ve been exposed) so we can remember who we truly are and begin to live the lives we’ve been called to embody. From PhDs to healers to chefs to sexperts and more, they have assembled to create a web of support that takes you from the life of convention and inertia into a life that’s liberated and filled with your unique purpose. If you like the status quo, this is not a summit for you. If you’re tired of following the rules, working too hard and becoming more “successful” while feeling more depleted than ever, or feel like life went greyscale while you were tending to your to-do list and want the technicolor dreams of your future back, this is your place, and these are your people. </p><p>About Omnia Network: Omnia Network is a brand-new online learning platform that features expert-vetted information on holistic wellness topics such as psychedelics, sexual wellness, green living, grief and trauma healing, tarot and human design, somatic healing, and more. The live workshops, intensives, and community meetups cover a variety of wellness topics that have often been deemed unconventional and taboo, which is why reliable, authoritative knowledge in these areas can be difficult to find, until now. All the experts are respected leaders and authorities in their field, making guidance on these sacred and oftentimes vulnerable subjects all the more impactful and trustworthy. Omnia makes learning about these areas of transformation accessible, affordable, and straightforward - they light the path back to one’s true self. </p><p>About Omnia’s Founder, Allison Mandell: She is the CEO and Founder of Omnia Network and has herself been burnt to a crisp working as an Executive Producer in television for 15 years, focusing primarily on diverse and female-led content, with emphasis on comedy, adventure, travel, food, and renovation television. When she wasn’t working, she was completely devoted to her spiritual life and is no stranger to workshops in every area of spirituality, sustainability, and healing. By combining her skills from TV production with her love of workshops and transformative healing studies, Omnia Network was the best way for her to engage both her heart and her mind into her life purpose. After recognizing that the systems in place would not support a healthy work/life balance, and after reaching the pinnacle of her industry and feeling more depleted and unfulfilled than ever, she recognized that it was time to build the very thing she needed: a safe community to unlearn oppressive structures so she could relearn who she really is and bring that essence into the world. And thus, Omnia was born. Allison is a female leader not only in a gnarly heavily male-dominated television industry, but she is also pioneering in making expert-led, online learning for holistic wellness accessible. </p><p>Event Highlights:</p><p>Transformative Keynote Presentations: Renowned experts and visionaries will share their insights, experiences, and strategies for transforming one’s life, providing attendees with impactful knowledge and inspiration to make actionable changes that lead to a more authentic and meaningful life - that can begin today.</p><p>Direct Expert Feedback: Participants can ask these groundbreaking experts direct questions on how to integrate different healing modalities in their life and get real-time responses - all for free. </p><p>Discover A Community: Connect with like-minded folks who want the same things you do - to change their lives in a way that provides space for one’s authentic purpose, weirdness, and joy. </p><p>Exclusive Access: Gain access to exclusive prerecorded workshops, resources, research, and tools to help disrupt the disempowering patterns in one’s life and replace them with self-discovery and embodied aliveness. </p><p>Registration for The Self-Renewal Summit is now open; to learn more about the event, explore the speakers, and secure your spot, visit</p></div></div>


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