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Curated Support Group Experiences

WTF is this place?

This is a place for learning, growing, expanding, talking about cats or whatever feels GOOD.


The Curvey is a marketplace with a hint of social/emotional learning space.


Anyone (including you) can create a group or discussion on any relevant topic and make a living at it. Whether you’re seeking support for  addiction, depression, anxiety, or  any other mental health issue, we're here for you.

Therapist Support Group



Therapist Support Group

There's a big world out there. There are a lot of smart, cool, friendly people who can show you the mental wellness ropes.


From  peer support groups & virtual hugs to meditating or just hangin out and talking about your feelings.  We know how hard it is to find people that relate. Where do you find them, how do you get together, all that stuff? You don't know where to go, how to get started or who to trust.


That's where we come in.

Click below to get inside our heads.

But I feel fine...

It’s time to heal


Young adults have reported they don’t know who to talk to about their feelings

Support Groups Online
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