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About Us

We exist so you can do you—only better.


We sift through all the overwhelming therapy sites to connect you directly to your peers, all vetted by organizations you can trust. The Curvey was built to empower young ppl to improve their wellbeing and provide a non-judgmental place where you can find community, information, and support. We know you want help from peers that have shared life experience and actually get it.


Tiffany Bowhay (she/her/hers) is the co-founder and CEO of The Curvey.

A Los Angeles native, Tiffany became an outspoken advocate for mental health and the destigmatization of substance abuse after being introduced to recovery and substance abuse programs at 19 years old. Since then, she's remained active in the recovery community and is currently a registered substance use technician, and certified peer recovery specialist. She’s also a chairperson on several LAUSD School Site Councils in South Central Los Angeles. With The Curvey, she aims to redefine mental health care for young people and underserved communities.

The Team 

Tiffany Bowhay

Tiffany Bowhay

Founder & CEO


Oriana Murphy

Oriana Murphy



Alexander Perez

Alexander Perez

Content &Community


What we believe


Our goal is to make mental
wellness approachable by
expanding accessibility.

Mental wellness should not be
a luxury item anymore.

Access anytime, anywhere

24/7 - 365


The Curvey is empowering young
people on their path to mental
wellness, while also empowering
others to build communities and
focus on supporting their peers.


We’re here to connect the dots and enable certified peer hosts to form communities, and build virtual businesses, dodging the oh so complicated health care system we’re trapped in.

Mindful Therapy Group

Be a part of the community that's transforming mental health. 

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