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ACB Peer Support Group

Date and time

Tue Mar 28 2023

<div>ACB Peer Support Group</div><div style="margin-top: 20px"><div style="margin: 20px 10px;font-size: 15px;line-height: 22px;font-weight: 400;text-align: left;">ACB - Virtual Peer Support
<h3>This group is for anyone identifying as part of the African Caribbean Black (ACB) community living with mental health challenges and looking for support from a group of empathetic peers.
</h3><h3>While we are self-isolating and social distancing, CWCLN will be offering Virtual Peer Support Groups so we can support one another. These groups are hosted through the Zoom platform phone and/or video group chat and will include at least one facilitator and other participating peers.
</h3><h3>Virtual ACB Peer Support is hosted on Wednesdays Starting on September 22nd 1PM-3PM
</h3><h3>You will receive an email with the group chat login information by 11AM the day of the call.
</h3><h3>NOTE: IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP ON THE DAY OF THE GROUP YOU WISH TO ATTEND, PLEASE SIGN UP BEFORE 11AM. REGISTRATION IS NOT MONITORED BETWEEN 11AM and 1PM AND WHEN A SUPPORT GROUP BEGINS (1PM).</h3></div><div style="margin: 20px 0;line-height: 22px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div><div style="margin: 20px 0;line-height: 22px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div></div>


Online Event

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