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Dear Sex Workers, We Love You!
St James Infirmary Sex Worker Online Series

Date and time

Mon Jul 15 2024

<div>Dear Sex Workers, We Love You!
St James Infirmary Sex Worker Online Series</div><div style="margin-top: 20px"><div style="margin: 20px 10px;font-size: 15px;line-height: 22px;font-weight: 400;text-align: left;"><h3><em>Resilience and Mindfulness with Vadan</em></h3><h3>NOTE TIME CHANGE!</h3><p>NOW EVERY MONDAY AT 12pm</p><p>-Explore practices for Self Care and Resilience through Mindfulness and Mindful Movement.</p><p>email: to receive link to join which will be sent out on Sunday or Monday before each meeting. </p><p></p><h3><em>Artistic Citizens of St. James! </em></h3><h3><em>Art Hangout with Ms Zoe</em></h3><p>(next meeting TBD) please reach out to to schedule a time to meet! We are currently collaborating on a zine! </p><p>-We will be working on a zine collectively! Lots has changed in the past year and it’s time we put it out there! What’s changed for you? What’s changed for our communities? What’s new? Let’s draw about it, paint about it, write about it! collage? comic? What’s your medium? Join us! </p><p>Ms. Zoe is a longtime resident of San Francisco, writing and performing around issues of disability and sexuality. She has been a sex worker for a total of twenty-two years, starting with a stint in phone sex at age twenty. She has found through the myriad of healthcare woes that artistic expression is a way to find solace, focus, and joy in her internal world. She comes from a long line of art lovers and teachers and is passionate about sharing art as a transformative medium with others. </p><p></p><h3><em>Sex Work and Parenting with Celestina and Juba</em></h3><p>1st Friday of every month 11am-12pm (Next meeting Fri 2/4/22)</p><p>-Join us for an online hang-out for sex workers who have kids (of any age) prospective and expecting parents welcome too!</p><p> </p><h3><em>Creative Writing Workshop for Sex Workers </em></h3><h3>Sorry! Class canceled until further notice due to health issues!</h3><p>1st &amp; 3rd Thursdays every month 2-4pm </p><p>Join published poet and retired hooker Natasha Dennerstein for a casual sex-worker writing workshop. Just bring a pen and a pad (or an I-pad) and we will write, inspired by some prompts in poetry, story or journaling style: anything goes. No experience necessary.</p><p></p><p></p></div><div style="margin: 20px 0;line-height: 22px;"><img src="" alt="" /></div></div>


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