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Our Peer Support Group offers free one-to-one support, connecting women and gender-diverse folks for people in Canada.

Date and time

Mon Jul 15 2024

<div>Our Peer Support Group offers free one-to-one support, connecting women and gender-diverse folks for people in Canada.</div><div style="margin-top: 20px"><div style="margin: 20px 10px;font-size: 15px;line-height: 22px;font-weight: 400;text-align: left;"><p>Our monthly Peer Support Group offers a supportive and empathetic space for peers to increase healing, recovery, and a sense of belonging and a place to share experiences that impact mental health and validate peers, whatever their circumstances. Group sessions run throughout the year. New members are welcome, and no referrals are needed. <strong><strong>Due to limited group space, participants are required to register for each session in advance. It is free, and there is no commitment required.</strong></strong></p><p>Monthly groups are guided by Peer and Community Support Workers who share similar backgrounds and experiences to their peers. Peer Workers also help to reduce barriers to accessing services and resources by providing advocacy, connection, and referrals. The monthly program has grown to offer support groups that include guest speakers and focus on health and wellness activities, receiving positive feedback from our community!</p><p>During the monthly peer support meetings, the group explores resources, shares experiences and challenges, and exchanges knowledge and skill-building tips that nurture well-being and foster connection. This group-based service aims to provide a safe, non-clinical, non-judgmental environment where women and gender-diverse participants can share their personal situations, feelings, coping strategies, and experiences with systemic challenges. All discussions are completely confidential. Our goal is to help participants feel less alone, anxious, or isolated, and more empowered and connected. Group topics can include:</p><p><em><em>Recovering From Trauma</em></em><br><em><em>Work-Life Balance</em></em><br><em><em>Navigating Systems as a BIPOC Woman</em></em><br><em><em>Interpersonal Relationships</em></em><br><em><em>Unlearning Co-Dependence</em></em><br><em><em>Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships</em></em><br><em><em>Care-Giver Support Self-Care</em></em><br><em><em>Collective Care Practices</em></em></p><p><strong><strong>Before joining a group, our Peer and Community Support Workers are here to help participants explore how we can make connecting in an online group comfortable, safe, and welcoming by using group guidelines and safety standards</strong></strong>. We aim to meet accommodation and virtual accessibility requests such as audio descriptions, closed captioning, breakout rooms, and sensory items. Peer support groups require all participants to adhere to group guidelines prior to joining their first session to ensure privacy and confidentiality.<br><br>This group-based program is only those who identity as part of our priority communities. To ensure a safe and supportive space, organizations or representatives from an institution for organizational purposes will not be admitted to groups.</p><p>Peer Support Groups and General Info Contact:<br><strong><strong>Mecca Ongy, Community Worker</strong></strong><br> <br>(Call or text) 647-503-GOOD (4663)</p><p><br></p><p>For more information about Good To Be Good's Programs and Services please visit: <a href="" title="" target="_blank" data-msys-clicktrack="0" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"> </a></p></div></div>


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